Four Ginseng Benefits for Men

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A nutritious herb, ginseng is any of the eleven different varieties of a slow growing, short perennial plants that have fleshy roots. Typically ginseng is grown in eastern Siberia, Korea and Northern China and is believed to enhance and restore normal well-being, it is now one of the most popular herbal remedies the world over and the ginseng benefits for men are many.

The herb is a forked shaped root that is light colored, the stalk is relatively long and the leaves are oval shaped and green. Traditionally ginseng has been used to aid with a variety of medical conditions. Both Asian Ginseng and American Ginseng are believed to help lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, provide an energy boost, treat diabetes, promote relaxation, relieve stress and one of the specific ginseng benefits for men is that it can help to treat erectile dysfunction.

Here are some of the main ginseng benefits for men:

1. Energy Booster

Ginseng is believed to help you stimulate physical as well as mental activity for men who are feeling tired and weak. A study conducted by Mayo Clinic discovered the great results were found when ginseng was given to cancer patients dealing with fatigue. Many men who are even generally healthy can go through bouts of weakness and fatigue; ginseng is a natural and healthy way to help them boost their levels of energy.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

A Korean study conducted in 2002 found that sixty percent of men taking ginseng started to notice an improvement in their symptoms; this means that men are able to take ginseng as a natural and healthy way of dealing with erectile dysfunctions. There was also research conducted and published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology stating that evidence had been provided demonstrating how effective the use of red ginseng had been when treating men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

3. A Natural Anti-Inflammatory

There are seven components in ginger, ginsenosides, which according to the results of a series of experiments that were later published in the Journal of Translational Medicine have been shown to have immunosuppressive effects. The study was led by Allan Lau who explained the following; “Ginseng plays an anti-inflammatory role that may be due to the ginsenosides and their, combined effects. They target a variety of immunological activity levels, in doing so the various actions of ginseng can contribute to the overall health of the body, this includes anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. Helps Prevent Cancer

Substances found in ginseng are believed to contain anticancer properties. Certain population studies conducted in Asia have linked the consumption of this herb to lower risks of cancer. Researchers at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center found the Ginseng helped to improve not only the chances of cancer survival, but also improved the quality of life after a diagnosis.

These are just a few of the many benefits that ginseng has to offer men. Combined with exercise, a healthy diet and having a healthy lifestyle, ginseng is the perfect way for men to enhance their health and overall well-being.