Maca Benefits and Men’s Health

Maca root has been a natural solution to sexual problems in both men and women. The maca root is a part of a plant that is native to Peru and has been used in the local traditional medicine for over 2,000 years.

This root also has many other applications for various conditions due to its high nutrient count. High quality fiber as well as essential fatty and amino acids are found in the maca root. There has also been a considerable amount of evidence that supports the traditional uses of maca root especially as they pertain to sexual condition.

If you are considering maca root as a natural treatment for any specific condition, be sure to consult a qualified nutritionist or medical practitioner. In addition to alerting you to any associated risks, they could provide you with pointers on maximizing the effects of your natural medication.

Following is some of the information of the reputed maca benefits:

Sexual Health

In an article published by the MSKCC (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center), it seems that recent animal and human testing has shown that maca could be used to improve the mobility and formation of sperm as well as libido as a whole in male subjects.

In a report published in “Andrologia”, 40% of male test subjects were found to have increased sexual desire within 8 to 12 weeks of regular supplementation. This finding was studied against a placebo group who reported no such change. Those that received the supplement were divided into two groups. One of the groups received the 1500g dose and the other half received the 3000g. The size of dosage didn’t appear to have any bearing on the results.

Another study on maca benefits reported that after four months of supplementation sperm count and motility had increased significantly.

Prostate Health

According to information posted on, an authoritative website dedicated to simplifying the information found in medical journals and texts to be fully digested by the average individual without medical experience, animal studies have shown that maca root has had positive effects on the enlarged prostate. This is accomplished by effecting a change in the androgen receptors and effectively interrupting the binding of hormones that encourage further growth.


Naca root has been called “Andean Ginseng” and has an extensive history as a treatment for conditions of low stamina and strength. While these claims have yet to be proven clinically, many athletes use maca root in their anabolic cycles for this very reason. MSKCC commented that mice on maca root supplementation had better endurance.

Toxicity and Dosage

Further studies have shown that maca root has a low toxicity and can be taken as desired without risk. As yet no adverse reactions have been reported from doses between 1500g and 3000g daily. On the other hands, most manufacturers say a much smaller quantity (450mg) is all that is needed each day with your meal.

Final Note — mentions that there is still not enough evidence to know exactly how this potent root metabolizes in the body. It could affect the way you react to other medications you may be taking. Those with thyroid conditions should seek professional medical advice before beginning any sort of supplementation.