When Doctor Stevens Lamms states that he “wholeheartedly recommends” this male enhancement pill called VigRX for improving the quality of erection and overall sexual performance, it stands as a solid credential that no customer would ever pass up on. Low sexual drive, erectile dysfunction and other such unhealthy symptoms are becoming more and more prevalent these days. The stress at work often becomes too cumbersome, and ambitious men who try their very best to earn a secure living for themselves and their family often fall prey to sexual exhaustion.

As a result of poor sexual activities, a lot of men are starting to look for options that can help them to get better and eventually, they resort to the different types of male enhancement drugs which have flooded the market. Most of these drugs are risky to consume, being capable of causing serious complications. Amidst them, VigRX shines with success, as it continues to turn the sexual lives of its consumers for the better!

What does VigRX contain and how does it work?

The new formula of VigRX contains important ingredients like Damiana, Bioperine and Tribulus. These elements have made the new pill not only more effective but also permanent in its results. It is a herbal pill which contains only organic elements, and has been manufactured by the well-acclaimed Company, the Albion Medical. This pill works by improving the circulation of blood in the penis. Erectile dysfunction usually occurs when the blood hardly flows to the male organ, thus rendering it flaccid. VigRX will increase the amount of blood that is pushed to the penis, so that it would lengthen and harden. This herbal pill also boasts of being able to boost the quality and production of sperms in males. So this is a very good option for couples who are trying very hard to conceive.

It is claimed that VigRX actually helps in improving the sex drive in men, and consumers have witnessed that the effects of the pill get better with time as all the ingredients build up in the body.


In a nutshell, VigRX has been successfully able to:

  • Increase sexual drive
  • Improve blood circulation to the penis, thus enlarging it
  • Consistent use of the pill will lengthen the penis even more.
  • The quality of sperms and its production will increase significantly
  • Long lasting erections
  • More intense orgasms

Side Effects

However, even though VigRX is all herbal, complication can arise in case of overdose. Some men have reported cases of nausea, mild headaches, little dehydration and some sweating. Also, men are advised to make sure that they are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the pill. Medical supervision is often recommended so that people can take it in right amounts. In case of reports where men experienced symptoms of sweating and headaches, it was found out that they were taking more dose even though they have a low body weight.

Clinical Studies

A lot of people might consider this pill to be too good to be true. While marketing campaigns often exaggerate the positive effects, VigRx is not all about fluff but is actually the real deal. Several studies have been conducted to monitor its effects in the lab. The Vedic Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. has conducted the triple-blind clinical study where none of the doctors or participants knew who were receiving placebos. There were about 75 participants belonging to the 25-60 years age group. The whole experiment lasted for a full 84 days, and doctors visited the participants on the 28th day, 56th and the final day.

Their study involved the IIEF or International Index of Erectile Function which evaluated the frequency and strength of erections, the penetration quality, the sustenance of erection after penetration, and presence of the erection at the end of the intercourse. The results were extremely positive, with the ones who had taken the actual pill reporting about 62% increase in the ability to hold erection even after penetration. There was about 58.97% improvement in the penetration quality, 48% libido increase, 22.49% better orgasms and 71.43% increase in overall sexual satisfaction and happiness for the participants who had consumed the real VigRX.

Other important studies on the potential side effects of the VigRX pill (The Potential Side Effects associated with the VigRX- Second Study) has established the minimum risks that are associated with this herbal medication. it stated that long term treatment with VigRX could “significantly increase the sperm density, the width of the erect penile size and intracavernous pressure but had no effect on every organ’s weight” which would include penis, prostrate gland, testes, seminal vesicle, liver, kidneys and others.

There is no doubt that VigRX offers a lot of benefits that could vastly improve the sexual lives of men. The best news is that it uses only organic substances to achieve this positive result and for that reason it has gained enormous popularity.